CeraKote™ Services

We have two certified CeraKote applicators on staff. We have many colors to choose from and that can be applied to most rifles, handguns shotguns, optics mounts and many types of firearm and other accessories.

CeraKote is a top of the line ceramic firearm coating developed by NIC Industries, Inc. CeraKote was designed to provide a high quality, durable, weather- and corrosion-proof, ceramic-based protective finish that resists scratching, chipping, and abrasive cleaning solvents. CeraKote is used by OEM’s such as SIG Sauer, FN, Colt, S&W, Nighthawk Custom, Thompson Center, Nosler, Benchmade, Emerson and a growing list of others.

CeraKote is applied very thin, 1 to 2 mils, and will not affect the vast majority of firearms. Extra care needs to be taken with tight tolerance custom actions, or actions that have had the bolt bushed, but they can be coated.

The price list below does not list all of our services and it is designed to give a base price for most projects. If you need information on a specific service not listed here or if you have any questions regarding our pricing and services please e-mail us or give us a call. We might not always answer our phone due to working on another customer’s project and we are not able to staff the phone at all times without significant delays in turnaround. Please understand that we will return your call or email within a timely manner. We can provide you with a more detailed estimate if you request, by giving us more information on what you would like. Our goal is to insure you get the highest quality workmanship.

Re-finishing your firearm with CeraKote does not include the removal of existing pitting, dings or scratches (except minor imperfections removed with normal blasting/etching procedure).


(based on one color application)

Disassembly & Reassembly included in complete package prices.

*Prices subject to change without notice.
Complete Bolt Action Rifle (stock excluded)

Hunting or Tactical Rifles

Barrel only $55
Receiver Only $85
Bolt Group $35
Bolt Handle Only $15
Bottom Metal (trigger guard & floor plate) $25
Stock $65
Complete Shotgun (stock excluded) $190
Barrel Only $55
Receiver Only $85
Stock & Forearm Set $60
Bolt $30
Trigger Group $55
Internals $35
Complete Military Rifle (stock excluded)

AR15, FN-FAL, HK91, AK47, etc.

Barrel Only $60
Barreled Action $90
Upper Receiver $80
Lower Receiver $70
Bolt $40
Buffer Tube $25
Internals $50
Standard Stock Set $55
Adjustable Stock Set – MagPul, etc $80
Complete Pistol $150
Slide Only $50
Frame Only $75
Cylinder Only $25
Barrel & Bushing $30
Controls $25

Scopes – Standard

Scopes Target and Tactical (Includes masking of dials, etc) $80
Scope Mounts & Rings $25
Magazines (each) $25
Bipod $75
Suppressors Call for Price
Knives Call for Price
UPGRADES  Add to Above Pricing
Two-Tone Color $25
Freehand Camo (based on 3 colors) $80 & Up
Template & Digital Camo (based on 3 colors) $175 & Up
Special Order Color (non-stocking colors) $35
Metal repair due to rust/pitting other damage (.5hr Min.) $50/hr
*Please note the camo prices reflect the time, knowledge, experience needed to apply the patterns and the multiple layers of color.**Due to the application processes (layers of patterns and colors) normal minor defects can be present, every effort is made to keep as minor as possible.


Customers will be called the day work is completed on the firearm. Firearms not picked up within thirty (30) days of completion may be assessed a monthly storage fee.

If the firearm is not picked up within 90 days from date of completion, the firearm may be considered abandoned and would become property of Oregon Timberwolf, LLC unless prior arrangements are made.